Saturday, June 30, 2012

GNOME 3.6 - clean sheet

Every1 software package builds for GNOME 3.6! Lets hope it stays that way. If you're having some problems, send a mail to the GNOME love mailing list.

JHBuild recently changed the location of the config file. It used to be at ~/.jhbuildrc. It's now at ~/.config/jhbuildrc. JHBuild complies with XDG_CONFIG_HOME, for details see bug 646510. JHBuild will still continue to use the old config if it exists - to not annoy users who setup JHBuild before the switch.

My ~/.config/jhbuildrc contains:

moduleset = ['gnome-apps-3.6', 'gnome-world-3.6']
modules = ['meta-gnome-core', 'meta-gnome-apps-tested']
skip = ['gnome-disk-utility', 'mono', 'gtk-sharp', 'ndesk-dbus', 'ndesk-dbus-glib',
        'mono-addins', 'tomboy', 'pygtk', 'gnome-python', 'gnome-python-desktop',
        'libepc', 'vinagre', 'nemiver']

[1] I do skip some packages, see my ~/.config/jhbuildrc above.

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